Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Extreme Photos

Bodysurfing the North Shore, Hawaii
Photograph by Ryan Foley, A-Frame

"At this moment, Paul Mclaughlin and I were throwing ourselves into crazy huge barrels trying to fly right over the camera," says competitive bodysurfer Ryan Hailstones (left), who just placed fifth in the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic in February. Ke Iki Beach, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, is a famous bodysurfing spot, but also very dangerous. Only the pros can take on the shallow water and fierce waves, which literally break in dry sand.

Ice Climbing in Eidfjord, Norway
Photograph by Christian Pondella, Red Bull Content Pool

"It felt like climbing a chandelier," says world-renowned ice climber Will Gadd of completing the first ascent of 650-foot Skrikjofossen during a frigid February in Eidfjord, Norway. "This was, by far, the most difficult frozen waterfall I had ever climbed—or plan to." But for Gadd, the opportunity to explore the caves behind frozen waterfalls makes the risk worth it. "The mix of light, atmosphere, and the temporary nature of these jeweled rooms inspires awe." Gadd's route has not seen a second ascent.

Jumping the Mount Baker Road Gap, Washington

Photograph by Garrett Grove

After a long day of exploring Mount Baker’s backcountry, a group of expert skiers, including professional telemarker Paul Kimbrough (pictured), ventured toward the legendary Mount Baker Road Gap, a rite of passage among local skiers and snowboarders. It took a few hours to build up the jump, consider all the safety precautions, and set up flashes. Because it was so dark, the car was actually parked, so Kimbrough could have a sense of where he was. "When I dropped in I could barely see the in-run as the light faded," recalls Kimbrough, "but I was confident and it felt great to 360 through light snowflakes and ride out clean."

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