Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Splash Island In Laguna Philippines

Time flies really fast. I was there in Splash Island four years ago when im still single and love the place very much. Yesterday is different. Im taking my two-year old son to this wonderful waterworld. Children naturally love playing in water and I thought my son would enjoy this oasis, which is a few kilometers away from the concrete Metro Manila jungle. When it comes to water fun, I must say the Splash Island is one of the best in the Philippines today.

Splash Island Intrance

Anyway, should you intend to visit Splash Island, I suggest you immediately look for a table, hut or place where you could place your things. That’s necessary if you have a few bags with you, but you could always use the locker in case you have not much stuff with you. You can’t bring in water and food, so save yourself the hassle of bringing baon. When you’re ready to go enjoy, change into your swimming gear and take a shower at the Shower Room.

Agos Grandes at Splash Island

Here are some of the stops you may find interesting: Magellan’s Drop (mat-race ride; downhill slide with you on your belly), Rio Montanosa (also called family raft, the starting point is higher than the Magellan’s Drop, with bigger rafts enough to accommodate the entire family). If you want to warm up your butt and slide, take the Dos Supremos and the King Pilipit (both with no mat or rubber — just you and the slide). If you want to slide but prefer a rubber raft between the surface and your behind, take the Big Bam Boo and the Twisted Palms. If you just want to sit around and imagine that you’re at the beach, try the Agos Grandes, a swimming pool with waves.

Splash Island is not entirely for the teens and adults. Children could also run around and enjoy at the Water Wahoo, although it’s not unusual to see adults also enjoying the place. At the back of Water Wahoo are water slides for children (Twin Coco Knot and Curl-of-the-Orient). I thought my son would be afraid of the slides, but here he is enjoying the kiddie slide (and subsequently came to conquer the tallest slide — the Rio Montanosa).

All the activities will definitely make you hungry, so either buy food from the stalls around the place or at the main foodcourt — Fiesta sa Pulo (among the outlets at the food court is Kenny Roger’s Roasters). After eating, relax a bit by floating around the entire area through the Balsa River. Grab a “raft,” then just go with the flow around the entire place.

Splash Island is not open throughout the year, most probably because the revenue is not enough to cover the operating costs during the rainy season. Splash Island is open only between March and June. This year, I heard they will operate only until June 15, in time for the start of classes.

How much. Admission fee is different in weekdays and weekends. During weekdays, admission fee is P250 for adults and P200 for children/senior citizens.

On weekends, admission fee is P325 for adults and P250 for children/senior citizens.

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