Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gintong Pamana - Philippine Gold Treasure

Here are a few images of the gold treasure found in the Philippines. There were belts of pure gold, gold masks, gold daggers, gold ornaments, bowls, bracelets, rings, pectorals, earrings, and a pure gold rope that turned out to be a sacred thread and weighs 400 kilos, so intricately designed that one could just stare at it in wonder. I got the few images but not all.

Dagger Handle
A dagger handle from the Surigao Treasure. The swirling lines and the asymmetric form suggest raging flames surrounding a bird's head with a disk at the tip of its long beak. In Indonesia, the garuda or sun-bird was the god Vishnu's vehicle. In old Philippine languages, the sun was also called hari, or king. The symbolism here, then, is that the Butuan kings were vehicles of the divine.

Facial Covers
Scribed swirls and waves on headbands and facial covers from Butuan inspired by waves or the niaga, the snake or dragon motif, which symbolized the sea, which the ancient Filipinos mastered. The abstract pattern expresses the dynamism of ancient Philippine civilization. Those patterns and motifs survive in the southern Philippine okir design tradition. Artisans used a stylus -- perhaps just a pointed bamboo stick -- to scribe the patterns on the hammered sheet.

Gold bowl from the Surigao treasure

Ear ornament discovered in Arasasan in Mindanao.
Below are the other pictures of the gold ornament discover in Surigao. The man who allegedly found these valuable pieces of treasure sold some of them and left most of the treasure to a priest in their parish. Eventually, these gold pieces found their way to the Ayala Museum and the Central Bank of the Philippines.

The gold treasure in Surigao Sur


  1. this the evidence that philippines were once a rich nation and we are even the source of solomons treasure... from Jerusalem solomons fleet are coming to us in a voyage of 3 years to get gold supply to solomons kingdom.

  2. philippines are the land called ophir, sheba and tarshish (Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao)in the bible....we will rise again as great and rich nation....let us get rid off those corrupt and evil people that deceived the filipino people.... before the spaniards came we were already a developed and rich was the ornament of every male or female, young and old... a sign that we were not idot and indios....